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Can you believe it’s already 2008 and there is still so much we could accomplish?  It’s an election year, and one that has portrayed on the campaign trails to be closely centered around ideas of socialized health care and improving the system we are going to work in.  Regardless of whether you want to be that caring labor and delivery nurse or that tough, obsessive compulsive ICU nurse, the changes that are coming to health care, insurance policies, and immigration laws will have a direct impact on your present or future place of work.

Many people may not realize it but our convention theme this year is about more than just “Tying It All Together.”  Research, education, patient care, compassion, leadership, and integrity are just a few of the qualities and attributes that nurses and other health care professionals must posses to make that positive impact on our patients we all know so well.  It’s that feeling of accomplishment when we show our patients just how much we do care about improving their health status and promoting healthy choices.  The field of nursing requires so much from us and we have all worked so hard to get where we are, why stop here. 			(Continued on Page 2)

February 2008 Vol. 58 No. 2

officer in the TNSA!  All positions are open and they need to be filled by YOU!  The positions that are available to run for are:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Editor, Nominations Chair, North, South, East and West Regional Directors.


Candidates can sign up BEFORE convention to run or AT convention.  The sign up forms are available on the website and will be available at convention.  Information on the requirements for each position are in the TNSA bylaws that each school has and available to see online.


If you have any questions about running for a position, what a position encompasses or anything else, please feel to contact me through the website or at  Remember I’m here to help!


I have loved my year being on the Board for TNSA.  I hope that you will take this opportunity to run for a position and to help direct TNSA’s future for the coming year.














From the Desk of the

Nominations Chair…

Felicia Bell


Well it’s springtime and that means out with the old and in with the new! And that new is YOU!  I am currently on the prowl for smart, intelligent, honest, organized nursing and pre-nursing students that are interested in being an

The Central Line:

Newsletter of the Texas Nursing Students’ Association


TNSA, Inc.
P.O. Box 35509
Dallas, TX 75235

(866) 497-4719


Board of Directors

Deanne Barbery, President

Casey Faigle, Vice-President

Joshua Jones, Secretary-Treasurer

Heather Molchadski, Editor

Felicia Bell, Nominating Chairman

Mary Walker, TNSA Special Consultant

Dr. K. Lynn Wieck, TNA Liaison

Rebecca Self, TNSA Consultant

Denise Helton, Northern Region Director

Philip MacIntyre, Southern Region Dir.

Victoria Duncan, Eastern Region Dir.

Melissa Smith, Western Region Director

Pat Pollock, Administrative Director

Text Box: To provide the highest education for student nurses while aiding in the development of the whole person. To have direct input into the standards on nursing education and influence on the education process. To model a high level of integrity among students in their dealings with people as they strive for excellence in everything they do, as it is an expectation and not a goal.

Deanne Barbery

TNSA President

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Tying It All Together

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