President’s Perspective

Skyler Meloy

TNSA State President


Hello Everyone.  I hope this letter finds you all off to a great start in your course work this semester.  For those of you who attended class over the summer, congratulations on being that much closer to being finished.  For those of you who did not, I hope your summer was very rejuvenating and fulfilling.


I am pleased to announce that we will be starting off the year with a full and competent board of directors.  Following elections at the state convention last February, we have added two new members to our team.  We are honored to have Vincent Gore as our Southern Regional Director, and Joshua Jones as our Editor.  Congratulations to them both.  I am truly blessed to be a part of such a talented and dedicated board.


Welcome, to all of you students who are just beginning this journey called “nursing school”.  I am certain that your school experiences and your experiences with TNSA will be both positive and memorable.  I am also thrilled to hear of the many schools that are starting new local chapters.  It is exciting to have you as members.  You are all valuable assets to this organization.  Many opportunities await you as a member of TNSA, and the more active and involved you are, the more rewarding your experience will be.


(continued on Page 2)We have an exciting year ahead of us.  We look forward to getting the ball

TNSA Awards:

In a new light

As the plane taxied out for take-off seat-mates began to exchange pleasantries, as travelers often do.  One young man turned to another seated at his side and said, “Hey, I recognize you from the convention.  You are Shiner Time from Top Dog U.  Good to see you again.”


“Do I know you?” Shiner asked.


“You probably don’t.  I didn’t make near the splash that you did at Houston.  I am Whiner Late from Underdog U.”


“Sorry I didn’t recall you, nice to meet you.  Wasn’t convention great? I can’t wait until next year in San Antonio.”


“Oh, convention was alright, I guess, and it sure beat a week of clinicals and classes.” Whiner looked downcast, “I guess it was better for you and your school’s delegation, I mean with all the awards ya’ll got and with you getting that scholarship and all.  We didn’t get a thing.”


“I am sorry that you didn’t get any recognition.  What awards were you and your chapter up for?”


“I don’t know.  I don’t even know how the committees find out what the different chapters are doing so that they get awards.”


“Really? Well let me give you a short course in awards 101.  The committees find out when you or a fellow chapter member fill out the awards application for that particular award.  You can get these forms off the TNSA website or from the Chapter Guide.  Did you know that two of the awards we received were

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Rebecca Self

TNSA Consultant

September 2006 Vol. 57 No. 1